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  1. Hmm. Does the buck like that you’re providing some nice fresh greenery or “upset” that you’ve fenced the nice fresh greenery so he can’t get to it. 🙂

    1. I think its likely just a happy accident that i find cool. They poop everywhere on my land. There’s 6 or 7 foot holes in the fence and i kept it that way purposely when i moved onto the property because i understood i wouldn’t see so much of the wildlife if i fixed the fence. I really dont like axis deer because they are way less indecisive than white tailed deer and once they decide theyre doing something neither God nor a semi truck can deter them from their course of action. Even if it equals certain death, they will see it through, because for them all decisions are final once keyed in. The white tailed deer here seem way more indecisive and 9 times out of ten screeching brakes will make them second guess their decision long enough for me to maneuver around them. They are also less timid and people shy than the white tailed deer and i find this a bit bold and slightly obnoxious as they don’t wait until i’ve gone to come see if they want what i have. They also travel in larger numbers than the white tailed deer who usually have small groups rather than a herd. There’s a small group of does that sleeps on my property every night and spends a good amount of the day grazing between my property and the neighbor’s yucca fields. Occasionally a buck will pass through, probably coming to visit the does, but he doesnt graze with them. There’s been fairly good sized buck poop on the property daily for a week so im going to guess this guy is sticking around the does for a bit. I dont know what they’re eating. The grass has been dead since april of last year, but i do know the does eat the discarded corn the chickens pick out of their scratch when i put them up for the night. They clean up what my picky chickens wont consume so everybody wins in a way.

  2. I guess i left out a bit. I dont mind the white tailed deer on the property because the axis and the white tailed deer wont cohabitate an area. The white tailed deer are afraid of the dogs and wait until i go in to check out my stuff. The axis arent afraid of the dogs and are less stealthy about checking out my stuff. So, they can poop on whatever they want as long as they keep the axis herds away.

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