An Egg Appears

This year was unseasonably hot and dry. It was so dry that i only had to mow the grass once all year because back in April it died. It was so hot we didn’t have a hard freeze until mid December. This seems to have confused the chickens greatly. Thinking they somehow missed winter and it was time again for summer, the chickens decided to go into a full blown second molt in the middle of autumn. They regrew their feathers just in time for the arctic weather to arrive. The feathers are not full sized yet but at least theyre not bald and pink with little plastic tubular unfurled feathers sticking out of their baggy alien looking skin. So, i was not able to gift anyone chicken eggs this christmas. I owe a lot of people who helped me when i was sick for a week eggs. I also owe my sis and several friends and neighbors some eggs. They tell me i dont but i do. The girls havent been laying much this year what with two full blown molts. Right before the arctic weather arrived i found one single egg in the hen house. One chicken has begun laying again. We’re on the way to being able to finish 1 egg carton. Moving in the right direction. Lets not molt twice every year. Lets not make this a tradition. Just saying.

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