A Brief Cold Snap

After the driest year i can remember in my whole life we had a solid week of steady drizzle rain in the winter season. It wasn’t enough to flood anything or replenish the aquifers but it made the ground a right mess of mud for a week straight. I couldnt leash the dogs because they would just slide me right onto my bottom in the traction-less mud. It became a problem for appliance delivery and i had to lay down a tarp so the dolly wouldnt sink on the way to the porch but it didnt matter because the delivery crew didnt show anyway. It was getting into the mid thirties at night and in the early mornings. I covered the plants with blankets and dug out my winter hat and down jacket. We had a week of chilly damp weather and then just like that it was back in the 70s and 80s. As much as i hate the cold, it does worry me that we’re in december experiencing 80 degree weather now. Even the weathermen know that’s not normal. If it keeps up in this trend the chickens’ll need to be an indoor animal during the summer season. The dogs already are. As much as i hate winter we kind of need it for the natural cycle of things. All the peach farmers are counting on a good stretch of cold days during the winter to ensure the peaches are sweet and plentiful next year. As much as i hate frost, ice, and biting wind, it seems december and january are the time for it.

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