A Better Day

It rained for a week and the weeds grew but the grass remains dead for lack of water. It’s so patchy i’m not sure it’s worth mowing. The bushy part next to the well house is the bit that i leave every year so the butterflies and bees can enjoy the naturally occurring thistles.

I woke up this morning after having a terrifying dream. i was outside speaking to someone as the wind whipped my hair into my face and pulled at my clothes. The house creaked and groaned with each blustery gust. The unknown person which im fairly sure was a tv character i’d seen on an internet clip of Yellowstone was showing me the weather forecast for where he was going to be for the next week. The phone showed “low 0* high 1*” under all 7 days. I chuckled and shook my head, “Boy i’m sure glad that i live in Texas and not wherever you’re going.” He looked at me with confusion written on his face. He said, “No, that’s for here. Read the top of the screen. I’m staying up the road for the next week.” My stomach dropped open and i grabbed the screen from his hands. Sure enough, the forecast was local. “How could this be,” i thought? The man said, “What do you think all this wind is about? It’s blowing in right now!!” I frantically scrolled through the hourly report. He wasn’t wrong. There was no time! It would be 30 degrees within the hour! How would i get all the plants covered?! What about the fruit trees, the aloe vera?! Oh i had to hurry. As i ran through the yard towards the shed to get the blankets the man disappeared and it was like a time lapse ensued…the clouds flew across the sky in fast motion, the position of the sun changed, the weather became overcast and it began to snow. I was outside rushing to get blankets over the trees and it was too late. How could this be happening? In a matter of minutes the weather went from 65 to 30 and now there was snow falling on everything. In my desperation i tripped over one of the blankets and fell. I was sitting on the ground tangled in the blankets which weren’t on the completely exposed young fruit trees when a huge gust of wind slammed into the side of the house and i sat straight up in bed. The wind had been real. The house was moaning and creaking in real life as well. It was 8 oclock. I had slept through dawn. I had slept through the 8 oclock alarm and Cashew was doing what i’d trained her to do: howl until mom actually gets up when the alarm goes off. Sili was tucked beneath my arm under the blanket which was sweet because she had wanted to sleep on my feet. I had felt really crummy and i asked her to sleep on the pillow cuddled up near me. I remembered her sniffing my hair and tucking her muzzle against my face as i drifted off to sleep using her fur as a pillow. Apparently she had stayed put even though she prefers to be free of the blankets when the weather is warm. I unzipped the mosquito net tent and went straight to the front door windows to look out. As i drew the curtain to the side with my hand i noted that there was no snow in the yard. It was 55 degrees. The forecast stated it would be 80 degrees in a few hours. I turned off the alarm and fed Cashew her dog crackers as a reward for howling until i woke up. I took my temperature with the thermometer housed in a sandwich bag because i don’t understand why i should pay extra money for thermometer covers when plastic bags are essentially the same thing and i already have them. My temperature read 97.9. It was the first time in 5 days that i didn’t have a fever. I tried to slowly and calmly let the dogs and chickens out and get them situated with food and water without doing anything taxing or strenuous. Then i ate all the alkalinizing foods; the oranges, the seaweed, the kale/potato/onion/mushroom mixture. I drank my elderberry syrup, colloidal silver, and all my vitamins. I made a decision that i would do very little today. I would monitor my temperature and let my boss know if it stayed around 97…which was normal for me. I noticed i could breathe a bit easier and my headache was gone. Perhaps this was a return to the world of the well. I sooooo wanted to rejoin that world. I was tired of this madness. And so began the struggle to keep myself still for 12 hours so that this could continue to be a much better day than the past 5. I watched a lot of “the people’s court.” That judge will never know how much her show is appreciated. She has these sayings that she sprinkles in here and there that i write down if i find them relevant. Today so far we have “the devil knows more from being ancient than he does from being the devil” and when she wanted to tell a litigant that she had created a situation she said, “the mangoes and rice that you have created…it means you don’t know where the grain of rice ends and the mango begins…”. It sounds way more impressive when she says it in rapid fire spanish but i digress. I do like watching her no nonsense command of the courtroom, so, that is what is on the menu for today…watching the people’s court, taking vitamins, drinking nasty liquids, monitoring my temp, and hopefully staying at 97.9 or below. I usually sit around 97.3 or 97.5. I took my temperature a few minutes ago and it was 97.5. Things are looking up. As for the dream i usually have some form of temperature panic every fall, after the temperatures start dropping in the mornings and before the first freeze. You dont have to think about monitoring the forecast for a number of months and then it can be an adjustment to get back into it. I think it was a bit of runaway weather anxiety as i noted the mornings dipping below 60 and sensed the coming of winter but it doesnt usually freeze until after halloween.

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