This has been a very good year for the toads. Perhaps every year is a good year for the toads but i just never realize how many of them there are because there’s usually grass that conceals them. However, this year has been so hot and so dry that the grass died back in early april and has been short, brown, and crispy ever since. With nothing to conceal them, it is now apparent just how good at procreation toads are. They’re everywhere, and the ones that live in my potted plants know how to use the porch stairs to get on and off the porch. At dusk they hop down each stair one at a time to go hunting in the grass. At dawn i sit and watch them. They jump and then cling to the edge of the step with their back feet dangling and wiggle their way up. They do this with each stair until they reach the porch. The toads are literally taking the stairs like they were built for them. I find this fascinating to watch.

One of these rocks is not a rock.

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  1. At, now two houses ago, the neighbor had an electric “bug zapper” to deal with all the flying annoyances. A toad figured out that parking themselves under the bug zapper was a good way to get dinner without having to work hard. That toad was HUGE. 🙂

    1. Lol! Wow. Smart. Mine live under the chicken water dispenser or in my potted plants because its so hot and dry they need a wet place. None of them are that lucky to find a bug zapper but they all hop up on the porch steps at nightfall and wait because they know once i turn the porch light on the bugs will arrive. That’s so funny to me. They basically had a domesticated pet toad that traded hunting for the buffet experience. Lol!

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