A Long Way from Home

i found this alien looking creature in the yard. It was very large for an insect and had these menacing looking pinchers on the front of it. After interviewing friends and neighbors i realized it was a male dobson fly. Though it looked menacing the pinchers were actually meant for use during mating and it didnt pose a serious threat to humans. It spends the first three years of its life cycle as an aquatic insect and only then steps foot on land in its adult state. The Dobson fly is typically found near rivers or creeks since the purpose for leaving the water is to find a mate and the baby dobson flies must be placed in a body of water. My property was neither near the creek nor the river. This guy was a long hot dry way from home. It might explain why i had never in my life seen such an insect. Well, there’s a first time for everything. Now i know what a dobson fly looks like.

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