Cottontails in the Dark lulled by Danny White’s Country Music

I recently had the privilege of meeting a singer song writer from Bandera. His voice was deep and husky and his country songs were beautiful to listen to on the back porch of my dear friend after a good meal and time spent with good people. I was sad that i had to leave shortly after sundown as i had to open the store the following morning and was due to wake at 1 am. I wanted to stay and hear more songs but it was not possible. I asked if he sold cds and he replied that nobody seems to have a need for cds nowadays…all the cars just sync to the smart phones and no longer come outfitted with cd players. Instead he gave me the name of a website where i could stream his music for free. I went home and looked it up. I was worried about doing the evening chores after nightfall so i wanted to put talk radio on the cell phone in my pocket while i scampered around the darkness, to make noise so that any critters could hear me coming and would hopefully avoid the noise. Then i got an idea. I would listen to Danny White’s music while i did the chores. So i pushed the play button and the darkness came alive with the rich sounds of guitar music and Danny’s husky voice. What happened next was a complete and total shock. Two cottontail rabbits emerged from the shadows, drawn by the music, and sat near me, as if to hear a concert. One stayed for a while and then returned to the black abyss. The second cotton tail sat near me and listened the whole time i did the evening chores. Wherever i went in the yard, the little cottontail ran ahead and then doubled back, waiting for me. It would emerge from the shadows and either sit on its hind legs, stretched tall, or hunker down in the grass. It would just sit there and twitch its nose, stare at me with its glassy black eyes, and listen to Danny White’s country music. I walked through the dry moonlit grass with a couple of cottontails following me everywhere while the phone in my pocket played Navajo Rug or Evangelina… the cottontails seemed to like the music. I must now make a correction to past writings. Last year when i called Josie a jack rabbit, i was wrong. She was not a jack rabbit but a cottontail, as my friend has rightly pointed out. There are jack rabbits in Coupland Texas where i first had the privilege of ranch sitting, but what we have here are Cottontails for the most part. If you would like to check Danny White’s music out for yourself and see what the Cottontails were so mesmerized by you can go to and search for “cowboy capital troubadour”. There you will find the music that can charm cottontails in the night.

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  1. Your post about the cottontail was well timed for me….For the first time since I’ve lived in this house, I saw a cottontail rabbit in the yard. It didn’t run off, but just watched me as I watched it.

    1. I find that the ones here, out of all the wildlife, are the most social. They may be skittish but they come pretty close to you and they follow you around. They dont seem afraid of me. They dont trust me either, it’s not like i can pet them or anything…they just dont run when im in the vicinity.

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