The Drone

I’m so angry. I was winding down for the night, just doing my evening chores. I was on my little two acres in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing around me but ranch land, a dollar general, and a gas station. My property is surrounded by a ring of cedars and then just woods and yucca fields beyond that. I was squatting in the chicken pen, wearing my pajamas, breaking their table scraps from the christmas meal into bite sized pieces when i heard a buzzing noise. The chickens were all looking at something behind me. I thought i had better check to see what insect was making that noise. It was too loud and whirring to be a bee or hornet. I turned around and there was a drone, not ten feet from my head. I watched it fly over my ring of cedars and then avoid a few oak branches on my property before it dove to about three feet above the ground and just hovered, looking at me. There was a little light on it. As i turned to look at it my face changed from curiosity to anger quick and i stood up to exit the chicken pen. Before i could go after the drone it went straight up in the air and flew rapidly over my privacy border of cedar trees. It was gone just as quickly as it had arrived and it did not return for the rest of the evening. I was livid. I was so seething angry words would not do in this situation. I sat on the porch. I felt very violated. I moved to the middle of nowhere to get away from people, and now people were making videos of me and my chickens via drone and i had no way of knowing who they were or why they wanted to look at my property. Were they scoping it out for theft of resources (the chickens, the eggs, the well water) or were they just trying out a new christmas present? Either way, i didn’t think it was funny. It should be illegal for people to fly a drone onto your property and take video or pictures of you in your pajamas. Here i was enjoying the wilderness and my alone time on my own property and now i have people in remote places looking at me through technology. If i could have got my hands on that thing there would be no batteries in it and the peeping tom would have to come introduce him/herself properly if they wanted it back.

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