I Learn to Hem Pants

I owned 2 pairs of work appropriate pants and i wore them over and over. I bought more pants at the thrift store, but i was having trouble finding someone to hem them. I thought i found someone to do it when i learned a coworker made elaborate art designs with different colors of fabric sewn on top of each other in a manner that made it appear as if a 3D lion or rose was coming out of the jacket or shirt. I asked how much he would charge to just hem pants and he said he’d do it for 5 bucks. What a great price! However, neither one of us could stop mid-shift to hand off the clothes and once he realized it was more than 1 pair of pants he was less enthusiastic about the task. Ultimately, the hand off never happened. My friend Cindy had said she would love to hem them for me so i gave them to her but she was in the middle of a huge family event and then the holiday season…the pants were on the back burner. In the meantime, i split one of the two only pairs of work pants i had all the way across the left leg. Now i owned a single pair of pants. I asked if i could have the pants back unhemmed because i had split my pants and needed to just get pants into the rotation whether they were properly hemmed or safety pinned. Cindy promised to try to sew one pair of pants before my next work day and she did. When i saw it i decided that i could replicate this by hand so i went to the local grocery and purchased a sewing repair kit. I hand copied the pair that Cindy had hemmed with needle and thread and created 4 new pairs of hemmed goodwill pants. They weren’t perfect but they were functional and didnt look half bad.

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