A Warm Winter

So, this spring it was 4 degrees in central texas, which has happened….oh yeah, never. Now, in winter, it is 85 degrees. Halloween was not cold…which has happened…pretty much never. It’s mid December and my well house is still full of wasps. The grass isn’t dead yet, and when i went to brush a squiggly piece of grass off my lunchbox with my bare foot (because one can have bare feet in the winter without having to worry about critters) i learned that scorpion season has been extended as well. This winter it was only 30 degrees once for a couple hours and 32 degrees once for a couple hours. Without a sustained freeze all the critters are still awake and very much in my way. I need those wasps to freeze so i can get in there and fill the salt chip barrel. I guess i’ve got to wear shoes in the house year round this year because as you can see, that squiggly piece of grass was my near sighted interpretation of a scorpion. I was seeing the legs.

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