“I’ll be in the car.”

There’s a really pissed off bee in my 384 square foot 1 room house. I guess he didn’t like being blown around by the gusts outside. A front is rolling in. I took a look at it, assessed its temperament and identified it was not a wasp, hornet, or fly. That was all i needed to know. There are some things you don’t mess with in life and my neighbor’s bees are one of em.

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  1. Update: poor sili got stung by a bee who got into the car as we were driving back from the post office the other day. Apparently she is not allergic, as she is still alive and kicking. It flew in when i got out to open up the cow gate and when i got back in the car she was licking her chops profusely while cashew jumped up and down from the trunk in a crazed frenzy. It seemed odd that Sili was the one to eat the bee. Cashew is more impulsive and notorious for eating everything (the dog might as well have pica). She is also the one tasked with protecting the homestead from predators and intruders. I couldn’t understand why Sili had eaten it. Then i remembered that Sili was my rescue dog, the one that was super bonded to me from day one. She had seen me run about the yard a thousand times before screaming “oh **** oh ****, get the bee!” Well, she’d always been stuck behind the dog run fence and unable to help, but, this time; she got the bee. I opened the trunk and felt around. Sure enough, just as i suspected when i saw Sili licking her muzzle profusely and Cashew going wild, there was a bee with its insides ripped out the end of it, no doubt attached to the stinger it had injected into my dog when she tried to eat it. It was slobbery but otherwise whole. Apparently Sili wanted nothing to do with chewing it after it stung her. I finished it by smooshing it dead and then quickly evacuated us from the area lest its buddies smell a distress signal and come to its aid. I gave Sili water and watched her for a while. Her lip swelled but she remained active and playful and didn’t have any trouble breathing or drinking so i figured she’d be fine and we went about our day. Poor Sili saved Mama from the bee.

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