When Everything’s Gone to ****

Listen, it’s 2020. Everything’s gone to shit. Just take my word on it. I could explain it but we’d be here all day. I could dwell on it, obsess over it, struggle to wrap my mind around it, but that wouldn’t really do anything to make me feel better about where we currently stand. Instead, i started a world war with a highly evolved civilization of ground hornets and have been engaged in strategic battle maneuvers all day. We gained some ground on the battlefield between the house and the extension shed off and on over a period of four hours and took back the well spigot but have completely lost the orchard and tool shed and have retreated to make a supply run for more hornet spray and dish-soap. Yes, i spent the day communicating with dogs about strategic attacks on armies of hornets. No, this is not unusual behavior for 2020. Buckle up folks. Tomorrow’s a new day full of hornets, politics, germs, and unrealistic expectations. Yippee. 🙄

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