Around early spring i noticed i was being followed by a jack rabbit wherever i went. She would follow me around the yard as i did my chores. She always stayed just far enough that i couldn’t reach her. 10 to 20 feet. She would sit near me and chew the grass, wriggling her little nose as she ate, ears alert and glassy eyes watching me. I went about my chores. I never tried to pet her or chase her. I simply went about my business and she kept me company while she went about hers. We had an agreement for a long time. She would eat all of the grass and dandelion flowers she wanted from the property as long as she left my cultivated plants alone. Sometimes she would come up to the house and sit in front of the porch. I wouldn’t know she was there and the dogs would chase her when they were let out to use the bathroom. I worried they would catch her but they never did, and it didn’t sway her from coming around. I became accustomed to the sight of her veiny ears sticking out of the grass in the late evening sun and her glassy dark eyes and wiggly nose. I became used to watching her chew and hop around looking for more things to eat while i watered the plants and built things in the yard. I decided my new friend needed a name. I settled on Josie. She became a regular fixture on the homestead and pretty much came to hang out with me as i wandered the property with a watering can every other night. I did my thing and she did hers. There didn’t need to be any talking, obligation, or social niceties. She was the perfect hang. Sometimes i don’t wonder why i prefer the company of animals to humans. Sometimes i wonder why not.

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