Nature’s Night Light

There were no street lamps where i lived. When there was no moon, there was no light. However, when there was a full moon, it almost became like daylight in the yard. It was so bright; just like in the movies. The moonlight illuminated tree branches, lit up the metal of the dog run fence, and revealed the outline of roofs and walls in the darkness. It was beautiful. It even lit the curtains in the windows while i slept. It only did that in the winter and early spring because of which direction the house faced and where the moon rose depending on the season. In the city, they were experiencing the same moon. However, they were oblivious to its power and beauty because the city lights had already lit the darkness and adding moonlight to the dark in the city was like adding splenda to a cake batter that already held powdered sugar, brown sugar, and cane syrup. In the city, they did not need the moon to see by night. In the hill country, i did. I wanted that never to change. I wanted street lamps to stay away from my little town for the next 100 years. I wanted to be a part of nature and enjoy witnessing her gifts and secrets. I didn’t want to conquer or occupy nature. I just wanted to be immeshed in wilderness.

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