It’s Raining Dippin Dots

We were due for sleet. That’s what the weatherman was screaming excitedly about on the radio. 30 percent possibility of sleet. So the salt trucks lined up a day in advance and covered all the roads early, so that the cars could drive over it for a full day and brush it all to the side of the road. Let’s face it. Texas is never quite sure what to do with the possibility of winter weather. All the fuss and panic and buying up water and bread in the local groceries…. It rained dippin dots for 10 minutes. The ones that hit the ground melted but those that fell on the porch and the car stayed. It made an interesting noise on the tin roof. It wasn’t quite as loud as hail but it made more of a “ping” than rain would’ve. I had the following morning off from work. I took a picture and went back to bed.

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