Laundry in the Hill Country

Even if i ever got my dryer stacked and hooked up to a power source in the tiny house, i would still only use it on rainy or icy days. There was just nothing like the laundry dried in the yard. Yes, it faded the clothing and if the neighboring properties were burning brush the garments smelled like wood smoke. However, they all came in pressed flat as if they’d been ironed and they were stiff and crunchy. Once i put the garment on it would begin to soften. Over the course of the morning the garment would become softer and softer until you couldn’t believe it was ever crunchy. I began to associate “crunchy” with “clean”. When i put on a stiff garment that crackled when i moved i felt extra clean, new, and fresh. If the weather were bad out and i had the option i’d probably use my dryer, but just for the sake of saving the bright colors…let the sun make them fade. I had become addicted to crunchy, insanely-flat clothes and it was a price i was willing to pay.

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