A Rust Issue

I was having an issue with rust.  The thin layer of paint on my metal hooks in the bathroom had worn away​ and the rust was staining the bath and hand towels every time i hung them.  I made a trip to home depot and bought something to seal them with.  It was a spray, to my dismay.  I was meant to remove the hooks from the wall, spray them in the yard, and return them to their place in the wall.  With my thin, already cracked, home depot interior walls, i was not going to attempt to remove the hooks.  I had already had to seal the hole with toothpaste to keep the wood feom cracking further (what you do when plaster is a trip to a different city for the hardware store).  I was not moving those hooks.  So, i put on really old clothes, covered the wall in plastic bags and painter’s tape, and sprayed from every direction to cover those hooks.  It’s a wonder there’s not “shell white” spray paint on the ceiling.  I got the hooks covered and then opened all the windows.  The instructions said to go to a different area until the paint was dry to decrease the effects of inhaling fumes.  There wasn’t a lot of places i could go in the 384 square foot tiny house, so i opened all the windows and tried to draw the fumes out of the house.  I let the hooks dry all day before removing the tape and bags.  It was another 24 hours before i tried hanging the towels on the newly cream colored hooks.  It worked.  No more rust on the towels.  Mission accomplished.  

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