the Tiny House

There were plenty of disadvantages to being in the tiny house during weather but they were far outweighed by the joys that could be experienced if one knew what to be looking and listening for. My two favorite things about living in the tiny house were listening to the rain on the tin roof (an undescribably peaceful and melodic noise) and feeling a soft breeze pulled through the house by open windows on opposite sides of the room on a barely windy day when the temperature was not too cold and not too warm. After that the whole house would smell fresher. There was a cleanness to the air and the breeze felt good on my skin. I relished the days when the weather was good and i could spend my day off cooking in the kitchen, watching the curtains sway gently as the fresh air was pulled through the house. I never wanted to feel removed from nature. I wanted to feel as if i was immersed in the wilderness in a little box for shelter from the elements. On good weather days the smells of cedar and clean air drifted in through the windows and i felt as if the wilderness was indoors too.

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