Everything Washed Clean

There was nothing i loved more than hanging the laundry right after a good storm. The droplets of water would cling to the underside of the plastic coated line. I had only to grab hold and give it a good shake and all the droplets would simultaneously race to the ground. It was as if the laundry line had been washed by the earth. All the dust, bee pollen, and the bird poop had washed away. The line was just as spotless, smooth, and cream-colored as the day i had put it up. I would pinch the little clothes pins without hesitance to hang the clothes out in the sun. The baby spiders that usually hid within the pins were tucked away somewhere out of the rain. It felt as if the whole world were washed clean after a good storm. There was a sort of peaceful silence in the air. It felt good and it smelled good to stand in the yard after a storm. The wind chimes clinked and dangled against each other. The birds sung to anyone who would listen. The dogs ran wild in the mud and i hung the laundry.

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