Double Rainbow

There’s always something going wrong or about to go wrong at the homestead. It’s just part of the lifestyle. Either you need a new water heater, air conditioner, refrigerator, pests are chewing through things, predators are traveling through areas you use frequently and getting too comfortable with the territory, deer are in the compost, the dogs have torn something down, the power is out, the well pump needs repair, the shed door won’t open because it’s come off the track, the septic tank needs repair, the roof is leaking, there’s broken glass and cigarette butts everywhere from motorists that threw things out the window, the holes the scorpions are coming through in the walls around the appliance plugs need sealed up, the windows need switched out, the house needs more insulation, the weather won’t cooperate, the ants are invading again, the termites are on the move, the coons spread the trash all over the ground, or random strangers are using the trash can on the surveillance camera. It’s a lifestyle of struggle and anxiety and a lot of coffee. It is wildly worth it though. There are moments of beauty, immersed in the wildness of nature where you feel so lucky just to be breathing the air and seeing the sunlight filter through the trees. One day i came home and there was a rainbow above the yard. As i looked closely i realized it was a double rainbow. There was a faintly visible second rainbow atop the first. Sometimes when everything is broken or about to be broken, God gives you a little encouragement to renew your faith.

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