50% Done

My coworker’s husband and father-in-law were electricians. For a more than reasonable fee, they came out to the property and made an outlet for the samsung front-loading washing machine. Then I could plug it in. I thought that would be the end of it. Silly me. First i realized that the tubes were hooked on backwards so i grabbed my tool box and unscrewed all of them. When i had switched them i thought for sure it would run like clockwork. Nobody told me that the drainage tube was on the floor. I figured it out though when i suddenly became wet. Immediately panic set in as i ran around the side of the machine pushing buttons, trying to turn it off before it went any further in the washing process. I grabbed hold of the giant drainage tube and held it towards the ceiling. Gravity stopped the flow of water. Once i had set towels down to soak up the foul smelling water that had spilled i turned back to the tube in my hand. There was no round area on the wall that would fit a tube this size. I scratched my head. There was a little square that looked like a sink basin with an air vent in it. I ran to the outside of the house and tried to see if it led anywhere. It did. It lead to the septic tank but i didn’t know that at the time. With no tunnel leading outside i wasn’t sure where this indoor sink-cubby thing led. Perhaps it was just a shelf and would back up liquid until it poured on the floor again. I couldn’t find anywhere else this tube might fit so i dumped it in there and hoped for the best as i turned the machine on once again. I could clearly hear water draining through the tube but there was none coming out of the cubby. Wherever it led, the water was going there and not inside the house. I watched as the clothes began to spin around behind the front window of the machine. I breathed a sigh of relief. The sink-looking cubby was obviously where the tube was supposed to go. Houston, we have lift off.

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