Occasional Supply Runs

Living an all-natural chemical free lifestyle is hard to do when the grocery store in my town is the shell station up the road. So, i end up buying all my shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume, and makeup online. However, amazon is not always cost effective. Each person listing an item can decide what they want to price it at and if the buyer wants that item badly enough, they will pay it. I have in the past seen one bottle of the shampoo i use listed at 55 dollars + shipping. I will wait until i am almost out of an item trying to see if someone will list it at a reasonable price. If they don’t, i have to dedicate a weekend to driving into a big city for a supply run. Whether i buy online or in the city, i generally buy in bulk to save on shipping/gas money/wear and tear on the car. I try to have at least 3 of the large items, 6 of the medium items, and 20 of the small items in the box under the bathroom sink following a successful supply run. It’s important i stay stocked on the day-to-day items and keep inventory of what i have because i can’t just run down the road and pick another one up if i’m out of something. Its a long drive back to the products i was brought up with.

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