Something that Needs to be Addressed

It has come to my attention that someone has started a blog in which they have written about myself, my dogs, and this blog. They claim that i have a secret passion for painting and have been selling my paintings to my readers. I havent painted in years and i have never sold a painting. Just know, if it didnt come from this blog directly, it probably wasn’t said by me. If you’re on the internet long enough people will find a way to involve you in a scandal whether it is at your own expense or at the expense of others. I cant control what people out there write about. All i can say is that if it came from any other location than this blog, its not me who you are conversing with. Be careful and please dont give away any personal information, like mailing addresses or phone numbers, to anyone claiming to be me. As a general rule, if you buy something from a stranger make sure you do so through a company or website where various vendors can have a membership so they are properly vetted and held accountable for their actions. It is not a good idea to buy anything involving a shipping address from an independent party with no affiliation to a company and no reviews on past orders. Stay safe and exercise an abundance of caution when it comes to doing business with people you dont know.

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