A Copious Amount of Cottontails

Ever since my neighbor started clearing trees to make way for grazing cattle i’ve noticed a change in the number of cottontails inhabiting my yard. The floor of a wooded area is typically dirt and fallen cedar twigs, as the dense foliage cuts off the sunlight and doesnt allow any grass to grow beneath the trees. My neighbor has been removing his trees so that sunlight does make it down to the ground and grass can grow. Right now, with the trees pulled and the grass in an infantile phase, there’s not really anywhere for the cottontails to hide over there. So my Cottontail population has pretty much tripled in size over the past few weeks. Take a step and the camouflaged beings in the grass reveal themselves. They make for interesting company during the evening chores and all my plants they might eat are safely in the greenhouse now. So i think we are running a rabbit sanctuary for the time being. Even the dogs seem to think there are too many for chasing them to be of any point.

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