City Slicker

I began this day leaving my car in the middle of a highway to rescue a turtle. I ended the day waiting in a parking lot on hold with a car insurance company for an hour and a half before giving up on them, having drained my phone battery nearly completely, and pursuing other avenues. As it turns out, i could have walked to autozone. It was .3 miles away. My friend’s husband came and jumped my car and refused to take any payment for it. I drove it to autozone and left it running while i went in to inquire as to whether they had a battery for my suv. They had 1 battery for my type of suv. I bought it. They installed it. I was finally on my way home at 8 pm. There are several reasons i was a city slicker today. 1. I did not know how to jump my car. 2. I did not carry jumper cables in my car. 3. I did not have the appropriate tools in my car to switch out a battery. 4. My first instinct was to call roadside assistance instead of a buddy with a working car. It was just one of those days. There are a lot of things that i know how to do. I have to admit, cars aren’t one of them. I can change a tire, touch up paint scratches, dig tires out of mud, and put gas in it, but that’s the extent of my skill in the car department. One day i’d like to know how to change my own oil, switch out the battery, and how to jump a car. However, right now, i have to make dinner, put the chickens up, study for my exam, and get up for work tomorrow. New skills will have to wait just a bit. For today, i’ll admit, my skills are lacking. Thank God for good friends, their devoted husbands, and the broad operating hours of auto zone.

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