Why CBD Should be Considered as a Viable Alternative to the Conventional Western Medicine Approach:

I think the image makes the case for itself but i’ll explain anyway. Without CBD i can’t get out of bed. I took one dose of CBD this morning and then sat down and made this list. It was a list of everything i needed to do today around the property. Every one of those things crossed off is something that got done. It got done thanks to CBD.

I use the cbd isolate powder to treat pain, which in turn helps with insomnia because if i’m not in pain i can sleep. I use the full complex cbd oil with thc removed to treat anxiety. It was a side effect i discovered when i was trying to treat pain. Wouldn’t you like it if instead of “possible anal leakage, stroke, kidney failure, or death” you were hearing the commercial announcer list “feelings of wellbeing” as the known side effect of the medication you were about to take? I have tried conventional anti-anxiety medications before. Though i still have some for emergencies, i dare not take them because i worked in a facility in the past where i got to see what happened to the people who had been given this same medication that i had by the state for decades and you know what? They all developed “parkinson’s-like symptoms”. I decided i would rather live with my anxiety than end up like them. The price for taking those anti-anxiety meds looked pretty steep to me. The shorter term side effect was memory loss. When i took those anti-anxiety meds it was like whole days were missing from my memory. I was aware, in the moment, that i didn’t know where i was or how i got there or where i had been the moment before. Every two minutes i rediscovered what room of the apartment i was in and who was there with me. It got to a point where i realized this was how the drug was preventing anxiety. I couldn’t think, so therefore i couldn’t obsess. Multi-step tasks were not a good idea because it was easy to forget what i was doing or whether a step had been done already. It was best to stick to well-worn routines. I could drive myself to the dentist, sit for the dentist appointment, find my car, and drive myself home, but afterwards i had no recollection of ever leaving the house. Huge chunks of time were gone from my memory and a neighbor begged me to stop taking the medicine after he told me he noticed a difference in my personality when i was on them. He said i wasn’t bothered by anything and also nothing made me laugh. It was as if i had no personality and was just existing in the room. I stopped taking the medication and just dealt with the anxiety because he was right. I might as well have been a zombie. I didn’t want to be a zombie with parkinson’s later on down the road. So, that’s my reason for avoiding taking anxiety medication. As for pain medication…firstly, its hard to get a doctor to prescribe pain medication long-term because the pain meds nowadays are so addictive, they feel they are not meant for long-term use. That should be red flag number 1. They are notorious for causing constipation, to the point that after a major surgery when the patient is requesting more pain relief, the doc will refuse to prescribe more in order to avoid having to surgically correct a fecal impaction; where the poop gets stuck and nothing is moving down so it all comes up. The patient can’t poop and vomits everything they swallow. Also, pain medication puts stress on the liver and mine is already not in tip top shape. Finally, and this is a biggie; that commercial list where the lady on the screen suddenly talks really fast to fit in all the horrible things that can happen to you if you take this medication. We want to solve the problem of pain. The solution may cause ulcers, internal bleeding, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, stroke, liver failure, and death. But it will solve the problem of pain. Cue “really?” Face. I don’t want to make five new problems to solve the first one.

I could talk about this all day but we have things to do so i’m going to summarize here. What it comes down to is cost, side effects, and results. It’s cheaper than conventional meds. It’s only known side effects are a decrease in insomnia and a decrease in anxiety. Those side effects are fine with me. The results are pretty good. The isolate does not yield full and complete pain relief like the cbd with thc in it, but, for people like me who live in states where thc is still illegal and hold a day job, we must stick to the cbd isolate or the full complex with thc removed. It does take a good chunk of the pain away, as demonstrated by the to-do list pictured above. I’m just sitting here thinking how crazy everybody thought i was that i was going to go against doctor recommendation and value my own opinion above “the professionals”. Sometimes it pays to think for yourself. If you analyze how each medicine holds up in the three categories i used to evaluate which direction i wanted to go in when handling this problem…CBD wins.

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  1. may I ask, what anti-depressant was / might cause Parkinson symptoms? Did symptoms subside if the medication was stopped being taken or was the damage irreversible?

    1. I don’t want to be sued and i’m careful enough not to mention the name of a company with lawyers out the wazoo but it was a mainstream anti-anxiety med; the go-to for state run facilities that need to calm violent or hysterical patients. Unfortunately, the damage was irreversible and symptoms remained even if the medication was no longer taken. These symptoms were the result of long-term use. I could probably still get away with taking it once in a while without developing those symptoms, but, since i haven’t seen it reversible, i don’t want to take any chances.

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