Sili Missed her Mama

I had to board the dogs to go on a trip. It was a new experience for me. I’d never been to a vet where they asked me if i would be boarding any horses, cows, goats, or chickens along with my dogs. Then on the way out of the parking lot i saw a stable full of horses! It looked nice. They even had fenced fields to run around in during their outdoor time. Anyways, when i returned all i could think about was going to pick up the dogs. I was supposed to take both Sili and Cashew home and then bring Cashew back the following morning to get spayed. The more i thought about it, the less it made sense to take Cashew home just to drive her back. We didn’t live close to the vet. We were one town over. I called ahead and asked if i could visit with both of them but only take Sili home. They said that would be fine. So they went and got the dogs and brought them up to me. Cashew dominated the room and Sili hung in the background, waiting her turn. I hugged Cashew and buried my face in her fur. She wagged her stumpy tail and even peed she was so excited. They took Sili back and put Cashew in a room so i could have some one on one time with her while they went over the spay paperwork with me. I had to choose how much i wanted done if things went south during her operation and the level of pain management i wanted during her recovery. I wanted her revived at all costs and i wanted her pretty comfortable but not so doped up she couldn’t walk after her surgery. They were very nice and explained everything in great detail. I tried not to worry but Sili’s spay operation was so complicated i couldn’t help but fret. They assured me they would keep her comfortable and call me as soon as it was done. I kissed her head and told her i’d see her in 3 days. I had elected to board her for a couple of days after the surgery because she and Sili rough-housed so much i didn’t want her to rip her stitches open trying to play. The whole house was 1 room. I couldn’t separate them during her recovery. So i took Sili home. That night she clung to me like glue. She followed me wherever i went and she placed her paws on me whenever i sat down. I think she missed me.

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