Exploding Water Jug

I was driving home from work one day in the middle of august when i heard what sounded like a gunshot in the back seat of the car. I immediately pressed on the brake and pulled over to the side of the road. I got out of the car and tried to process what i had just heard. There were no passengers in the car. It could not have been a gunshot. I did not have a gun in the back seat. I opened the door to investigate. Everything was wet. My papers were wet. The seat was wet. The window even had droplets on it. I picked up my empty 3 gallon water jug that had been sitting in the back seat. The whole bottom of it fell away. Apparently my 3 gallon water jug had exploded in the back seat while i was driving. That’s how i learned to screw the lids on the empty ones very loosely, especially during warm weather. I had to go to walmart to get a replacement jug. I visited HEB first. They had one but it was at the back of the top shelf and didn’t have a price tag. I suspect their lack of knowledge about how to get it down and what to charge for it led them to tell me that it was just there for decoration or example purposes, which is what they and their manager told me. I went to walmart and they sold me one for the purpose of holding water. So i have 5 round jugs and 1 rectangular one with a handle to remind me of why it’s important not to screw the caps on the empty jugs too tightly during the summer months.

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