Life Before and After the Pandemic

Before the pandemic i would only include beautiful movies with happy endings in my collection. Now i include anything that invokes a feeling. I was trying to figure out why. My conclusion is this: when you see mass amounts of fear, anger, suffering, relief, sadness…. At a point you become desensitized to it all. You throw the towel in on human emotions and the experience of them doesnt hit the same way it did before. There is a tendency to say “oh well the whole thing has gone to the crapper anyways, what does it matter to make sense of any of it now?” So if a movie is beautifully shot, has a message, and can transport me to a different place…captivate my attention…it now goes in the collection whether it ends in joy or tragedy, because nowadays the struggle is to feel anything deeply, not just the good.

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  1. This is so true. After a while I stopped reading certain news pages and kind of shit things out. I realized some things were no longer triggering emotion and they were beginning to feel ’normal’.

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