I had a plastic walmart scraper from years ago when i had managed to get one of the few the stores stocked for the year. Places like auto zone didn’t even carry them. It was texas. Why would they be needed? I wanted to tell them how asinine they were being each time someone brought up the fact that i was in texas. The reason texans were always so crippled by winter weather was because they lacked the tools that the rest of the country was using to drive around in ice and snow. Instead i kept looking until i finally showed up at the right place at the right time and bought one of walmart’s 3 remaining plastic windshield scrapers. I loved it and i kept it in the car all the time.

Now that it was winter, my friends and coworkers began running into the same problem i had years ago. They wanted a windshield scraper and none could be found. Again, they were told, “it’s texas. We don’t really need those things down here.” So my friends began to get creative. They made their own windshield scrapers. I have compiled a list below of the creative items my friends and coworkers have fashioned into scrapers. I am so proud and a tad amused.

⁃ Home depot putty knife

⁃ Credit card

⁃ Spatula

⁃ Dustpan

– Shoe horn

⁃ Plastic toddler cup

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