Cashew’s First Bath

When i first brought her home Cashew was too little to be able to effectively regulate her body temperature. She was too young to bathe so i just dealt with the fleas. I tried not to think about them but if i parted her fur with my fingers there were hundreds of them crawling all […]

The Early Days

During the early days i was so tired i couldn’t think. I was sleeping an average of two hours at a time. The puppy cried if it was hungry, cried if it was sleepy, cried if it wanted attention, cried if it was about to or had just gone potty. It cried for every reason […]

Plywood Window Shades

As spring began to make its presence known temperatures became more bearable and an unexpected side effect arose. Now it was too hot. The sun was streaming in through my untinted windows and warming the little tiny house like an oven. The air conditioner unit was struggling to keep up with the relentless trajectory of […]

The Dog Disaster/ Chicken Run

I don’t know what idiotic idea i got lodged in my head the day i decided to pay thousands of dollars for a crew to build a 65 by 65 ft chain link dog run. Perhaps i thought if i made it big enough and nice enough she wouldn’t want out and therefore wouldn’t dig […]

Buying Directly From the Farmers

The potatoes and the butternut squash came from a local market called “Jenschke Farms”. Its a little white shack with a porch that sits adjacent to the local grocery store in town. They don’t have a neon “open” sign in the window. They have two flags mounted in holders on either side of the porch. […]

The Comings and Goings of the Wildlife

Sili has never been one to eat poop so back when she was an only child i had a pretty good idea of what was on our property, where it was spending its time, and what it was eating. For instance, the fox scat always had berries and seeds in it. One fox in particular […]