A Gift from a Friend

This post is difficult for me to write because it touches on the story of a beautiful soul and a very elegant friend of mine who is full of grace and compassion towards her fellow human. However, her story is not a straight path through gentle rolling fields. Her life has seen both joy and […]

An All-Day Process

After my last experience with the laundromat i’d had enough. I vowed never to set foot in an establishment that didn’t allow my machete again. Another week came and went. It was Saturday. Come Monday i would need clean scrubs to wear to work. Just because i was living my little house on the prairie […]

A Butterfly Buffet

As Spring unfolded, so too did the flowering plants of the yard. The wildflowers were first. Then the thistles in the grass. The butterflies and the bees alike visited each flower at a purpose-driven pace. It was like a super highway of buzzing creatures. The dogs chased the butterflies and i chased the dogs, yelling […]

One of These Things Doesn’t Belong…

I don’t want to talk about it. Its hard not to though when its the first thing visitors see in the yard. You drive up and BAM, there’s a laundry machine visible through the windshield. I never intended it to be there. It was supposed to go to the landfill, and when that didn’t happen […]

A Pink Surprise

When i moved into the tiny house i noticed a bare-branched bush right off the stairs of the porch underneath the cedar tree that would one day hold an end of the laundry line. I wondered what it was but there were no leaves to identify it by. As spring awoke many other things, even […]

The Spanish Oak

When the leaves first unfurled they were paper thin, flimsy, and jungle-green. The tree looked so vibrant standing in the yard against the backdrop of dark-green cedars. It looked very impressive. As the days ticked on the leaves solidified and became thicker and darker green. Back when those leaves were still thin and veiny, when […]

Teething Troubles

Just like a baby, a young dog goes through a totally natural phase of drool and destruction called teething, in which you have to safe guard everything you own, including their siblings and/or their collars and identification tags. She was like one of those automatic vacuum bot commercials gone wrong. She would follow us all […]

Love at First Sight

I was terrified that Sili would reject Cashew. She’s super picky about other dogs. She doesn’t usually like them. After Cashew was given the all clear by the veterinarian i decided it was time for Sili and Cashew to meet. I set them both down in the same room and quietly melted into the walls. […]