Yips in the Dark

When i met the sellers they told me that they had enjoyed listening to the coyotes yip in the dark many a night but they hadn’t heard them in a while. They feared the sheep farmers up the road had finally won the battle and wiped out the remaining of the coyotes who were eating […]

Old School Bathtub

It may have taken me forever and a day to realize that the heater was broken but i noticed early on that the hot water heater was not up for the job. I could manage around 6 minutes of warm water in the dead of winter and 10 minutes of hot water in the blazing […]

Occasional Supply Runs

Living an all-natural chemical free lifestyle is hard to do when the grocery store in my town is the shell station up the road. So, i end up buying all my shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume, and makeup online. However, amazon is not always cost effective. Each person listing an item can decide what they want […]

The Quiet

My favorite time of the day is dawn on a weekend. I’m at work long before sunrise on the weekdays so i generally miss this time throughout the week. However, on Saturdays and Sundays i can catch the quiet. The quiet is the time right before the sun comes up, when the sky is lightening […]

Cat-Proofing my Grandmother’s Rocking Chair

When i lived in apartments i had separate rooms and if something was off limits to the cat i could just close the door. In the tiny house, everything is open. So i had to come up with a way to cat-proof my grandmother’s rocking chair. I stretched trash bags over the cushions and put […]

Bambi Bones

One day Sili emerged from behind the shed with this in her mouth. Now, my dogs are diggers, so it would do no good to give the poor bambi a proper burial. It would essentially be like putting the skull in the refrigerator for the dog to snack on later. I didn’t feel right throwing […]

Ah-Ha Moment

I’m sure the a/c – heating unit was broken a long time before i realized it because it hadn’t been heating since i moved in. However, i didn’t know how strong this little unit should be. I thought maybe the weather was just too much for it. I didn’t realize i needed a repair man […]