Horseplay in the Chicken Run

It’s not always about the projects or the chores here on the homestead. Sometimes its about spending quality time with the dogs. I have to remind myself to slow down and pause every once in a while because they don’t live to 100 like we do. I get 15, maybe 20 years with them and […]

It’s What’s for Supper

Okay, the first picture shown is my peanut butter banana cookie dough vegan smoothie. There are these oat bars. Bob’s red mill makes them. They have a peanut butter, coconut, oat, honey bar that tastes just like a chewy peanut butter cookie; the kind grown ups used to give you for free in the grocery […]

50% Done

My coworker’s husband and father-in-law were electricians. For a more than reasonable fee, they came out to the property and made an outlet for the samsung front-loading washing machine. Then I could plug it in. I thought that would be the end of it. Silly me. First i realized that the tubes were hooked on […]

A Gift from a Friend

This post is difficult for me to write because it touches on the story of a beautiful soul and a very elegant friend of mine who is full of grace and compassion towards her fellow human. However, her story is not a straight path through gentle rolling fields. Her life has seen both joy and […]

Clearing Cedars

One of the neat things about Cedar trees is their uncanny ability to reproduce like jack rabbits. There will be one big old cedar tree and 40 little ones gathered around it; where the pollen fell last year. I went through the whole 2 acres with the blue tool pictured above and cut down the […]

An All-Day Process

After my last experience with the laundromat i’d had enough. I vowed never to set foot in an establishment that didn’t allow my machete again. Another week came and went. It was Saturday. Come Monday i would need clean scrubs to wear to work. Just because i was living my little house on the prairie […]