A Termite Swarm!

I found one this morning that was intact. There’s plenty of smooshed ones but i found they didn’t photograph too well. Please excuse the mess. When it rains the dogs and i track clumps of mud in the house and i dont bother with it until its dry again.

It had been raining for hours. We really really needed the rain so i was thrilled beyond belief. Also i didnt have to water all the trees and plants this evening. Nature did it plenty. I left the house briefly around sundown to put the door to the chicken coop on and then around 9 pm i decided to take the lids off my rain water storage containers. They were so empty by this point they might as well just act as one more catchment container for the rain. It was set to rain all night so i wasn’t too worried about the deer drinking the water overnight. Upon flinging the door open to exit the house i had noticed a bunch of little flying brown things. I assumed they were just more of the thousands of little brown butterflies i had collected on the windshield when driving through the cloud of them the whole way to and from work earlier. It was only upon returning to the house after fetching water that i realized what i was looking at. They were agricultural termites, the winged kind, and they were swarming. They were all over the door. They were everywhere! I quickly realized there was no way i could get back in the house without bringing a good portion of them with me. It would have to be done. I flung the door open, ran in, and shut the door behind me. They were in my hair, crawling all over my ears, my clothes, and my legs. I twirled around the kitchen shaking my head and brushing wildly at the ones in my hair and on my clothing. The dogs were very confused by the multitude of winged bugs dripping off of me and then flying about the room. Sili licked her snout nervously. Cashew began to try to help me with the new problem. She ran about the kitchen trying to catch them in her mouth. I grabbed my folded and velcroed umbrella and began smashing the ones crawling about in circles on the counters and all over the floor. Cashew and i chased and smashed flying termites for a good helf hour before we called it quits. The house looked like a battlefield with cockeyed wings and gooey smashed ones littering the floor and counters. I stared at Cashew, breathing hard…she stared at me, panting. Just then one started crawling about in my hair and i wriggled around, throwing it to the ground and stomping on it with my bare foot. I announced, “i dont think im getting any more water for the house tonight.” Cashew gave the room a once over glance. None of them moved. I told her, “i think we got them all.” The following morning they would all be dead but not before they mated and laid eggs. This was why the ones in the house had to die. They were agricultural termites so they ate grass, not wood. However, i didnt want them trapped in this structure trying to lay thousands of eggs before they perished.

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