A Glass of Cold Water

The well on the property is a sulfur well. The water itself smells like rotten eggs and if consumed will cause a case of the runs that will dehydrate the poor soul faster than the intake of fluid could replenish. I’ve actually used a color filter on this photograph to hide the fact that the top compartment of my water filtration device has been dyed yellow from repeated exposure to the raw sulfur water. This is not a sponsored advertisement so i won’t mention the brand of the water filter but the pristine condition of the bottom compartment is a fantastic endorsement of the device’s effectiveness. It filters out everything. You are left with some of the cleanest, best tasting, unaltered additive and by-product free water i have had in my life. Until you stop drinking it, you don’t know that tap water has a taste, but it does. Furthermore, the tap water in different cities tastes different from each other. The one thing there is to look forward to on an icy day is the well water. It was 37 degrees when i finally went to the well this morning. I had a crisp refrigerated glass of water straight out of the ground (after it was filtered of course). There is just nothing like the taste of well water on a cold morning.

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  1. Your filter looks very much like the Zero Water system that we just had to use while we lived in Fla. Now, living in VA, we can again drink tap water. Granted, it does not taste quite as good as good well water but as it comes from the County via the mountains, it ain’t bad!
    While I was a Tour Guide in St. Augustine it would be sort of fun to invite the tourists to take a sip of the well water on the Shrine grounds. Talk about sulfur!! The rotten egg smell should have been a sign that the water was not going to be exactly Perrier. But, since I had sampled from the same well water upon my first (several) visits, I thought they would enjoy the experience, too! All I can say is that those early settlers had to be some kind of hardy folks!
    Does your well water have any affect on your plants or critters?

    1. It doesn’t seem to have any kind of effect on the plants. I water them with unfiltered well water. However, the chickens drink rain water when available weather permitting and filtered well water during the dry spells. The dogs drink the filtered well water.

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